Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We just returned from our annual family trip to Disneyland. We were lucky enough to volunteer and get our tickets for free. We left town VERY early in the morning so that we could make the most out of our time in the park. We got there around 9ish and headed straight to Finding Nemo. We have never been able to ride it because the lines have always been hours long.

Here we are waiting in line...with a fresh bag of cotton candy I might add. =)

The next exciting thing the girls got to experience for the first time was Star Tours! If you don't already know, they both love playing Lego Star Wars on XBox and Cami especially is obsessed! They were both in awe of the room where you wait in line to board the ride.

Emma LOVED the ride, and ended up ridinig it again later in the day, Cami...not so much! She was scared.

While waiting for a few people to finish eating, Emma was having no fun...

No fun at all....

she was totally miserable...

Of course where to go from there, but the neverending Dumbo line. That flying elephant made us wait about 30-40 minutes for a 3 minute ride in the sky! It's a small payoff, but a MUST for our little "boose" lovers! If you didn't know us when Emma was learning to talk, you wouldn't know that she was OBSESSED with elephants and that she called them "booses" because they made a BOOOSE sound wih their trunks. All of our close family members know that of course. =)

When we ventured into what used to just be a princess store, we discovered the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. The girls' Uncle Marty asked them if they wanted to do it and of course they said yes! He made them an appointment to transform into princesses. It was by far the most precious thing any of us have ever seen! Their "fairy godmothers in training" stayed in character the whole time!



Finish the day off with a parade, fireworks, a ton more food and rides, and you've got the perfect day!

The END!

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  1. Your trip was the perfect blend of fun and family!!! (Lucky for you, you can blend those things.haha)
    I LOVE the girls after the Bibbity Boppity Boutique! Did they want to wear their hair and makeup forever?!