Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Consignment Warehouse

When I say WAREHOUSE, I mean WAREHOUSE! I'd never been in before, although I've passed it thousands (literally) of times. This morning I went in and fell head over heals, in love, that is! This store is my dream come true! Keep your fancy brands and pricey stores, this is where I belong! I snapped a few pics along the way...a huge dresser I would LOVE to restore for my bedroom, a cubbyhole style cabinet to show a friend, a yellow medicine cabinet my niece would swoon for, a small table and chairs set that would be fantastic for my mother in law if I redid them, PILES of crates and wire baskets, BEAUTIFUL frames everywhere you look, a super cute child's size desk. If the store scale was the size of a hand, these few pictures would only represent a hangnail! There is SOOOO much in here! I found out they have layaway too! Check it out near the intersection of Noble and Lovers Lane in Visalia!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taste of Orange Blossom {2 Canadian Lobster Tails!}

Friday night was SUPER delicious! One of the specials was 2 -5 oz. Canadian Lobster Tails!
The special salad was a Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing! I'm so happy with how this picture turned out! Doesn't it make you crave the freshest salad around?? This dressing is one of a kind and pairs perfectly with spinach! NO ONE makes salads like OBJ!
Here are the sides that came with the lobster... Twice baked potato (hello, lover!), sauteed greens, garlic bread, and a ratatouille (under the bread). You get OODLES of food at OBJ. This twice baked potato was sooo creamy under that awesome layer of cheese!
Here are the beauties! When we're talkin' favorites, THIS is what does it for me. The most tender, sweet meat on the planet...lobster! My husband and I are FAR from food snobs, we just love good food, but let me tell you, we don't order lobster in most restaurants. Part of that is because in those chain steakhouses, they don't know how to make them. We've made that mistake before, and we've never done it again. At OBJ, the lobster comes out delicious AND you can afford it! That's the other problem with ordering lobster at a restaurant, if a place has a chef good enough to train his kitchen to do it right, you (or at least WE!) can't afford go to those kind of restaurants.
For everything you see on this blog post, the price was just under $40! For TWO tails and everything that comes with it, including dessert!! Yes, you heard me! Did you know there is a big controversy over Canadian vs. Maine lobster? Apparently they are the same lobster, but it depends on where the little bugger gets caught, what it gets named. Silly people, quit arguing and just EAT IT! Ha ha!
Brandon ordered the same meal, here is a picture of how the Baeza's roll... 2 people, 4 devoured tails.
I was SO excited when I walked in the door and read that the special dessert was a Warm Apricot Tart with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream! I REMEMBER how good this was the last time it was offered! The two of these things combined in the same bite is like a little taste of heaven.
Check out OBJ on the web, here. And don't forget Sunday Brunch! You'll be glad you did!! Thanks OBJ, and Happy Birthday Doug!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to make a fairy garden

My youngest daughter is CRAZY over fairies. She always has been. She has had these fairies all over our house, and created many versions of dollhouses turned fairy house. This spring we are planning to make a bigger fairy garden in our backyard. For now, I helped her make her first container fairy garden. We had a old wooden box and last night we bought the little mushroom and tiny ground cover from Lowes. She also had the tiny well in her fairy collection. I believe it's from Hobby Lobby in the doll section.
We just planted patches of ground cover and added the accessories. We'll be adding much more detail in the big fairy garden. She has a TINY tea set for them, and a big shell as a bathtub. We also plan on making a bridge and tiny water feature. I LOVE how much she loves fairies, it's so precious.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Finding Beautiful

Sometimes you just need to be around beauty. This morning, while my kids were at electives, I previewed tomorrow's auction, then went to two antique stores downtown. I stumbled upon these three tiny mirrors and fell in LOVE. How cute are these going to be as a little gallery on my wall?! The other frame will either be a picture frame, chalkboard, or mirror. I haven't decided yet. These are all much smaller than they look in the pictures.I snapped a few pics of pretty things... A corner shelf (not that I like all the stuff on it or around it, but I could totally see the potential in this shelf! Old windows, a small vanity desk (that I WISH was cheaper so that I could buy it for my mother in law!), and a pretty cupboard door.
I love just being around this type of stuff, even if I don't get to take it home with me. What a relaxing way to spend my 2 free hours! I even stopped by Fresh Cut Flowers, a out-of-the-way retail/wholesale flower shop, and picked up 3 beautiful white hydrangeas. It's just a warehouse type of place, but the flowers are MUCH more reasonable than regular stores. These huge stems were $3 each.
I even think it's pretty when they wrap it up in newspaper and tie it with twine.
There's a reason why these are my absolute favorite flower! They are gorgeous!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Salvaged Board

I have yet another post from my stash of $2 treasure hunt finds. I'm blogging from my iPhone so I hope the pictures aren't TERRIBLY out of order, I can't move them on my blogger app. There were only a few steps: 1) I used an air compressor to blow it off, then wiped it down. 2) the top piece had an extra board on it, but it was a few inches short of the length, so I trimmed it up with my miter saw 3) I measured and drilled in the screws for the decorative piece ($15 on sale at Hobby Lobby)

I noticed that the paint still looked dirty, and I bit too light for me, so I painted it the same Kiwi Kissed as my hutch. To hang it all I had to do was find the studs with my stud finder. I put a dab of toothpaste on each spot, then held the board on the wall. The spots of toothpaste on the board then showed me where to install the D ring hangers. All Done! It looks great but I'm still debating adding antiquing glaze to the decorative edging on the board. We'll see!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taste of Orange Blossom {Sunday Brunch!}

I just looked back to find out when I started blogging for Orange Blossom. My very first post was September 3, 2010! Wow! In ALL that time we've never gone to Sunday Brunch. Can you believe it? Today we took our kids to the free Gem Show in Exeter so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to try their brunch before we went. I had NO idea how awesome their brunch is!! You start off with a complimentary glass of house wine, champagne, or mimosa, and a glass of orange juice! Mimosa? Check! The next thing that comes to the table is a fresh fruit plate (it was watermelon, pineapple, and green apples) with white chocolate to dip it in, and warm croissants with marmalade butter! Seriously, I've never been to a brunch like this!The bottom left picture is the Denver Omelet with ham, peppers, onions, cheese, and topped with hollandaise sauce. It is served with O'Brien Potatoes and one biscuit. My husband was in heaven!
On a side note, these biscuits are the real deal! Take it from someone who is used to her Kentucky family's buttermilk biscuits made fresh every morning. I am SO picky about my biscuits!
The picture on the top right is the Ham Scramble. Big cubes of SMOKED ham, and the FLUFFIEST scrambled eggs I've ever had. I usually don't eat breakfast at all when I'm at home, mostly because I can't make eggs the way I like them. These were fabulous! The potatoes were BOMB!
Here is a look at the warm Croissants and marmalade butter! Who doesn't want to be welcomed to the table with a warm, flaky croissant?? You would think that with all of the food you get, that the prices would be high, but you'd be wrong! The price for my Ham Scramble, O'Brien potatoes, biscuit, mimosa, croissant, and fresh fruit was only $14! The kids were totally thrilled with their stack of fluffy pancakes too!
You've GOT to check out the full brunch menu HERE! I even linked it directly to the Sunday brunch menu for you! ;)

Mini "Barn Door"

Yesterday I worked on this... This is how it began.... I rescued it from the pile of stuff at the antique dealer's property for a whopping $2.
I didn't take step by step pics because, let's face it, I'm impatient and hate to stop working on a project. My time is limited so I just focus on getting it done.
I bought this set of hinges for less than $3 at Lowe's. They were natural, shiny metal, I just spray painted them black. I screwed those in first to make it look kind of like a mini barn door. I know this is not how the hinge actually works, but it's just for decoration. I found that little lion knocker at the antique dealer's house as well. I got a bag of knobs, pulls, and rusty metal pieces for $5 so this was less than a buck.
I bought this wooden piece at Lowe's for $6, having it in mind for a different project, but it wasn't big enough. SO, I thought it would work perfectly to tie in the color from the hutch. I painted it with the same Kiwi Kissed paint, then used Valspar Antiquing Glaze to age it a bit.
I used two TINY pin-type nails to hang it.
I put one long screw through the top of it, and into the wall. My husband said yesterday that he is like OSHA and I am like a unlicensed contractor. Ha ha! He always wants me to make my stuff kind of "earthquake safe". So, he's happy with how I handled this one. ;)
A close up of the lion knocker. TELL me that is not cute!

I totally love it on top of the hutch, and it helps with the enormous amount of wall space above it. (You can't see how high the ceiling is in these pictures)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Antique Hutch Re-do

Yesterday I worked ALL day on fixing up my new hutch/cabinet thingy, whatever you wanna call it! Here is a quick side by side before and after! Click here for the before post.Crazy! What a difference a day can make! The picture below is a shot of the inside of the top section, after I painted the interior walls. I decided to use the roll of beadboard wallpaper that I already had to line the shelves.

Super easy fix! Just measure, cut, wet, and smooth it out!
The below picture is the interior of the bottom section. I love that there is a top shelf. I have SO much kitchen crap, you don't even know!

Here is what it looks like after I started filling it and decorating the top. I took a drawer from my top shelf decorating (and it looks fine without it). I just love the look of the natural wood with some areas of white washing, and the beautiful drawer pull I added. Mixing old with pretty just totally does it for me! I flipped it over, so that the stuff on top wouldn't lose a few inches of visibility by being IN the drawer. There was a wooden track on the bottom of the drawer, keeping the stuff from sitting flat, but that was nothing a hammer couldn't remove. ;)
Here is a close up of the inside of one of the doors. It's the easiest way to see that the paint is not solid. The lighting in my dining room make it hard to see in pictures. In case you're wondering, it's called Kiwi Kissed by Olympic, from Lowe's. It looks totally different on the swatch, than on the furniture, if you ask me, but it was the perfect match.
Ok, before and afters...

This is the closure for the top half.

As for the drawers, they were really ugly inside, so I wiped them down and also lined them with the beadboard wallpaper.
One last shot, you can see the tops of chairs because I'm standing on the opposite side of the dining room table. I'd take a room shot, but my table is quite the mess from all of yesterday's work and I haven't taken care of cleaning it off yet. ;)
It is my favorite piece in my house now! It cost $90 (it IS from an antique dealer after all), and less than $3 for the paint sample size (since I only lightly dry brushed over it). I already had the drawer pulls from Restore, and the knobs were probably less than a buck. I also already had the wallpaper and white paint for the interior of the bottom section.