Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to make a fairy garden

My youngest daughter is CRAZY over fairies. She always has been. She has had these fairies all over our house, and created many versions of dollhouses turned fairy house. This spring we are planning to make a bigger fairy garden in our backyard. For now, I helped her make her first container fairy garden. We had a old wooden box and last night we bought the little mushroom and tiny ground cover from Lowes. She also had the tiny well in her fairy collection. I believe it's from Hobby Lobby in the doll section.
We just planted patches of ground cover and added the accessories. We'll be adding much more detail in the big fairy garden. She has a TINY tea set for them, and a big shell as a bathtub. We also plan on making a bridge and tiny water feature. I LOVE how much she loves fairies, it's so precious.

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