Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Consignment Warehouse

When I say WAREHOUSE, I mean WAREHOUSE! I'd never been in before, although I've passed it thousands (literally) of times. This morning I went in and fell head over heals, in love, that is! This store is my dream come true! Keep your fancy brands and pricey stores, this is where I belong! I snapped a few pics along the way...a huge dresser I would LOVE to restore for my bedroom, a cubbyhole style cabinet to show a friend, a yellow medicine cabinet my niece would swoon for, a small table and chairs set that would be fantastic for my mother in law if I redid them, PILES of crates and wire baskets, BEAUTIFUL frames everywhere you look, a super cute child's size desk. If the store scale was the size of a hand, these few pictures would only represent a hangnail! There is SOOOO much in here! I found out they have layaway too! Check it out near the intersection of Noble and Lovers Lane in Visalia!

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