Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Turquoise Hutch {Before}

I am SO excited! You might look at these pictures and think this thing belongs at the dump, but I see POTENTIAL! ;) I also see lots of kitchen storage! We just got back from picking this up. It needs a lot of help, but as it turns out, I'm quite the helper.The two pieces didn't originally go together, but somewhere along the way, someone married them...and I'm glad they did! Step one is cleaning, which I'll be doing tomorrow while the girls are at elective classes.
I am going to paint the insides of top, bottom, and drawers a shade of antique white.
When driving home, the door on the left flew off from the wind, so I need to perform surgery on it tonight, but it will be fine. ;) I'm going to take the door to Lowe's to have them match the paint. It definitely needs some touching up and covering of the dirt stains that won't wash off. BUT, I like that the paint is not solid, so I think I'll have to water it down so that I can blend it well.
While I was there, I looked through her knob collection and found these two gems! The ones that were on the bottom doors didn't match with the piece.
The above picture is the drawer pull that was on it, I found a matching one, but after deciding to use those top knobs, I wanted to keep them as-is instead of painting them. BUT, these ones I'm not ok with the color. The picture below is a drawer pull that I think I've decided on!
They seem to go better with the distressed look.
Well, here is the "before". Hopefully in a few days I'll be posting the "after". ;)

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