Saturday, January 21, 2012

Antique Hutch Re-do

Yesterday I worked ALL day on fixing up my new hutch/cabinet thingy, whatever you wanna call it! Here is a quick side by side before and after! Click here for the before post.Crazy! What a difference a day can make! The picture below is a shot of the inside of the top section, after I painted the interior walls. I decided to use the roll of beadboard wallpaper that I already had to line the shelves.

Super easy fix! Just measure, cut, wet, and smooth it out!
The below picture is the interior of the bottom section. I love that there is a top shelf. I have SO much kitchen crap, you don't even know!

Here is what it looks like after I started filling it and decorating the top. I took a drawer from my top shelf decorating (and it looks fine without it). I just love the look of the natural wood with some areas of white washing, and the beautiful drawer pull I added. Mixing old with pretty just totally does it for me! I flipped it over, so that the stuff on top wouldn't lose a few inches of visibility by being IN the drawer. There was a wooden track on the bottom of the drawer, keeping the stuff from sitting flat, but that was nothing a hammer couldn't remove. ;)
Here is a close up of the inside of one of the doors. It's the easiest way to see that the paint is not solid. The lighting in my dining room make it hard to see in pictures. In case you're wondering, it's called Kiwi Kissed by Olympic, from Lowe's. It looks totally different on the swatch, than on the furniture, if you ask me, but it was the perfect match.
Ok, before and afters...

This is the closure for the top half.

As for the drawers, they were really ugly inside, so I wiped them down and also lined them with the beadboard wallpaper.
One last shot, you can see the tops of chairs because I'm standing on the opposite side of the dining room table. I'd take a room shot, but my table is quite the mess from all of yesterday's work and I haven't taken care of cleaning it off yet. ;)
It is my favorite piece in my house now! It cost $90 (it IS from an antique dealer after all), and less than $3 for the paint sample size (since I only lightly dry brushed over it). I already had the drawer pulls from Restore, and the knobs were probably less than a buck. I also already had the wallpaper and white paint for the interior of the bottom section.

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  1. It's gorgeous! Amazing transformation. You have such a good eye for the beauty and potential in pieces of furniture!!