Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taste of Orange Blossom {2 Canadian Lobster Tails!}

Friday night was SUPER delicious! One of the specials was 2 -5 oz. Canadian Lobster Tails!
The special salad was a Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing! I'm so happy with how this picture turned out! Doesn't it make you crave the freshest salad around?? This dressing is one of a kind and pairs perfectly with spinach! NO ONE makes salads like OBJ!
Here are the sides that came with the lobster... Twice baked potato (hello, lover!), sauteed greens, garlic bread, and a ratatouille (under the bread). You get OODLES of food at OBJ. This twice baked potato was sooo creamy under that awesome layer of cheese!
Here are the beauties! When we're talkin' favorites, THIS is what does it for me. The most tender, sweet meat on the planet...lobster! My husband and I are FAR from food snobs, we just love good food, but let me tell you, we don't order lobster in most restaurants. Part of that is because in those chain steakhouses, they don't know how to make them. We've made that mistake before, and we've never done it again. At OBJ, the lobster comes out delicious AND you can afford it! That's the other problem with ordering lobster at a restaurant, if a place has a chef good enough to train his kitchen to do it right, you (or at least WE!) can't afford go to those kind of restaurants.
For everything you see on this blog post, the price was just under $40! For TWO tails and everything that comes with it, including dessert!! Yes, you heard me! Did you know there is a big controversy over Canadian vs. Maine lobster? Apparently they are the same lobster, but it depends on where the little bugger gets caught, what it gets named. Silly people, quit arguing and just EAT IT! Ha ha!
Brandon ordered the same meal, here is a picture of how the Baeza's roll... 2 people, 4 devoured tails.
I was SO excited when I walked in the door and read that the special dessert was a Warm Apricot Tart with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream! I REMEMBER how good this was the last time it was offered! The two of these things combined in the same bite is like a little taste of heaven.
Check out OBJ on the web, here. And don't forget Sunday Brunch! You'll be glad you did!! Thanks OBJ, and Happy Birthday Doug!

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