Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mini "Barn Door"

Yesterday I worked on this... This is how it began.... I rescued it from the pile of stuff at the antique dealer's property for a whopping $2.
I didn't take step by step pics because, let's face it, I'm impatient and hate to stop working on a project. My time is limited so I just focus on getting it done.
I bought this set of hinges for less than $3 at Lowe's. They were natural, shiny metal, I just spray painted them black. I screwed those in first to make it look kind of like a mini barn door. I know this is not how the hinge actually works, but it's just for decoration. I found that little lion knocker at the antique dealer's house as well. I got a bag of knobs, pulls, and rusty metal pieces for $5 so this was less than a buck.
I bought this wooden piece at Lowe's for $6, having it in mind for a different project, but it wasn't big enough. SO, I thought it would work perfectly to tie in the color from the hutch. I painted it with the same Kiwi Kissed paint, then used Valspar Antiquing Glaze to age it a bit.
I used two TINY pin-type nails to hang it.
I put one long screw through the top of it, and into the wall. My husband said yesterday that he is like OSHA and I am like a unlicensed contractor. Ha ha! He always wants me to make my stuff kind of "earthquake safe". So, he's happy with how I handled this one. ;)
A close up of the lion knocker. TELL me that is not cute!

I totally love it on top of the hutch, and it helps with the enormous amount of wall space above it. (You can't see how high the ceiling is in these pictures)


  1. I absolutely love this! It is exactly what I have been hoping to stumble on for my house. Very nice job!

  2. OMG, loooove the barn door!! You are one talented lady!! Beautiful!

  3. Turned out great. Love the lion knocker pull!

  4. It's awesome. I love the little touches you added to it. Great finds, too and even better prices.