Friday, January 27, 2012

Finding Beautiful

Sometimes you just need to be around beauty. This morning, while my kids were at electives, I previewed tomorrow's auction, then went to two antique stores downtown. I stumbled upon these three tiny mirrors and fell in LOVE. How cute are these going to be as a little gallery on my wall?! The other frame will either be a picture frame, chalkboard, or mirror. I haven't decided yet. These are all much smaller than they look in the pictures.I snapped a few pics of pretty things... A corner shelf (not that I like all the stuff on it or around it, but I could totally see the potential in this shelf! Old windows, a small vanity desk (that I WISH was cheaper so that I could buy it for my mother in law!), and a pretty cupboard door.
I love just being around this type of stuff, even if I don't get to take it home with me. What a relaxing way to spend my 2 free hours! I even stopped by Fresh Cut Flowers, a out-of-the-way retail/wholesale flower shop, and picked up 3 beautiful white hydrangeas. It's just a warehouse type of place, but the flowers are MUCH more reasonable than regular stores. These huge stems were $3 each.
I even think it's pretty when they wrap it up in newspaper and tie it with twine.
There's a reason why these are my absolute favorite flower! They are gorgeous!

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