Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Table Arrangement

I couldn't resist the little pumpkins at Savemart today. I had a moment of weakness and bought some. :) I already had the mini straw bale from Wal-Mart, and the crate is one of the ones in my wedding arsenal. I used double-sided tape to wrap the pumpkins with different laces and ribbons.

I made the fall runner last year. ;) One of the pumpkins is elevated by a slice of wood that my hubby cut with a chainsaw.

Super cute! I love the way it turned out! I did it without the straw bale (because I forgot about it) and it didn't look nearly as cute!

Fall Shelf

I just realized tonight that I hadn't posted my fall shelf on my blog! I started off with my DIY Rustic Shelf, since I don't have a mantel. I kept the old window frame from my summer decor. I love it too much to ever take it down. (Won't it look great with a holiday wreath hanging from the top of it at Christmas?) I made these bead board candy corns last year and I still love them! I used a scrap block of wood and stained it, then cut words out with my Silhouette and tied it with jute. My hubby cut up a small log for me with the chainsaw. The ceramic pumpkins have a big hole in the base, so I was able to put one on my candlestick. (because of the sharp stick that holds the candle in place). I added my fall branches, and last year's acorn garland, cut a bit shorter.

The garland is actually light and dark wood grain peel and stick flooring strips that are sold individually at home improvement stores. They cut great with scissors! They are held up on the garland by using a hole punch.

I'm loving my fall shelf! ;)

The Lettered Cottage

A Taste of Orange Blossom {Lobster and Steak Skewer!}

Friday night the girls and I met my mother in law at Orange Blossom. My hubby was out of town hunting, and I was on my way home from a day of wedding decorating in Exeter. I feel like I was blessed for my hard work, because the special was steak and lobster!!! :) The special salad was a Romaine Salad with Walnuts, Bleu Cheese Ice Cream, and Champagne Vinaigrette! This salad was SO delicious! I don't know what was done to the walnuts, but they weren't just plain old nuts. I know that bleu cheese ice cream sounds crazy, but you've just gotta try it. Remember, if it's at OBJ and it sounds weird, it's probably going to end up being your new favorite thing.

While we were waiting for our food, I sent my oldest up to put a tip in Richard's jar. I noticed he called her back and started talking to her about music. I went up to take a picture of her playing the piano! I even videotaped a few seconds of it. He showed her three keys and told her that she could play any of those three while he played with his other hand, and it wouldn't be wrong.
It was soooo cute. How cool is that? How often do kids go to dinner with their family and get to play the piano in front of a room full of people? Then he asked her if she had a request and I told him she loves when he plays "A few of my favorite things" from the Sound of Music, so he played it next. :)

Richard is reeeaaallly talented and we've loved chatting with him about music and getting to know him a little better over the past year or so. It really does feel good to go where everybody knows your name! ;)

Ok, here's the main event! Lobster tail with a Steak Skewer and Cabernet Butter. Oh my! I didn't know what to taste first! The steak was tender and delicious! I loved the sauce, this was my first time having it. It added so much depth to the steak! Just when you think a flavor is good, there's another flavor layered on top of it and then it becomes great. Do I even have to describe the lobster? We all know it's the best, most delicate, delicious meat on the planet. I seriously can't believe it when I hear people say that they don't like lobster. I want to ask them what planet they are from.

Ok, this is the coolest thing! Since it is pumpkin season, they are serving a mini pumpkin, that has been hollowed out and stuffed with delicious goodness! I was amazed! The flavor of the filling was SO good! I devoured that twice baked potato! Under that layer of melted cheese, was the smoothest, creamiest potato I've ever had. It is also served with sauteed kale and a big piece of garlic bread! Have you had kale? I've heard it's one of the healthiest things you can eat, and OBJ makes eating your greens taste gooood. :)

The special dessert was a Lemon Tart with Blackberry Ice Cream! It's drizzled with caramel and white chocolate! Ummm, hello! The contrast of the mellow berry ice cream, and the tartness of the lemon was amazing! I wish I had some of this now! And that's saying a lot, because it's breakfast time! ;)

Check out Orange Blossom Junction here! You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Rustic Wedding

Yesterday was finally the day! I did my first (and last until my kids get married!) wedding. Whew!

My computer is running SUPER slow right now, so I will keep it light on words. Pretty much everything you see in the photos I made from scratch. :)

The welcome area had a homemade chalkboard, my old potting bench, and a huge drawer of fan programs.

Our guest book alternative was a "wedding tree", where the guests would add a fingerprint as "leaves" and sign their name. The bride and groom can frame it and hang it in their home

My talented brother in law sketched the tree for me after I gave him a picture of what I wanted.

I mod podged a engagement picture into a large pickle jar.

The fan programs, with hand-inked edges. (Thanks for your help bridesmaids!)

I bought the french doors from Restore and hinged them together. I LOVE the banners I made out of berlap and lace!!

I made aisle runner sticks by hot gluing apple juice bottles onto them and wrapping with jute.

I bought these slices of wood at Hobby Lobby and made my own stencil with my Silhouette. Then I stenciled them with black paint.

This is the wedding gift I made.
The drawer is also from Restore.

I've been too busy to paint my nails lately. ;) These are the backs of the favors.

The bride picked her flowers and I made all of the bouquets, and arrangements myself. It took HOURS.
The bride had sunflowers, and yellow gerber daisies. The bridesmaids had fall colored gerber daisies, and the junior bridesmaids had lighter colored bouquets.

Emma and Ella earlier in the day.

I used shutters for the seating chart. I hinged them together and made banners to string across.

The front of the favors. Inside was sunflower seeds.

I printed wedding I Spy for the kids off of Martha Stewart's website.

The mason jar was the free shape of the week last week from Silhouette!

Table setting. I made each crate for $5 instead of buying old vintage ones for $20+.
I designed menu cards, inked the edges with distressed ink, and wrapped with jute.

Four of the tables had an arrangement of old bottles instead of crates.

All the head table chairs have name banners.

I stained wooden letters for the bride and groom.

I stained boards for the head tables. The jars are awaiting the bouquets when the wedding party arrives.

I made clay circle tags, and let them dry out a few days. Next, I made a stencil with vinyl and painted Mr. and Mrs. SUPER cute!!

This is the kids table. They have chalkboard signs on their chairs.

I used scraps of wood from the crates, stained them, and cut vinyl words.

I ordered chalkboard vinyl and cut labels for the cups.

I LOVE these banners. You would never know they were made out of berlap and Dollar Tree doilies.

Berlap banner that I stenciled with black paint.

THis is my FAVORITE...the wine barrel drink bar! I saw one on pinterest and knew I had to do it. The groom's parents got the wine barrels and I found the solid wood door for $6 at Restore! I made a berlap and lace strip banner for this as well. It adds so much to it!

The table numbers are address numbers on syrup bottles.

This is a close up of what Caden and Ella carried down the aisle right before the bride walked down. I had a hard time getting a picture because they were walking so fast. ;)

I had the boys set up the hay bales, and I added some mason jar flowers hung from shephard's hooks.

Photo booth fun!

My sister in law set up a fun photo booth.

The bride wanted a small cake for them and cupcakes for everyone else. They ended up doing a cupcake bar and it turned out great!

Isn't this cake lovely? The bride saw a picture of a cake wrapped with berlap (first with wax paper) and my friend Nandie did a FABULOUS job!! I snuck a bite when taking it back in the kitchen too, it tasted WONDERFUL!!!

I made these signs out of scraps from the crates.

I think this picture is HILARIOUS. It was mid-run, when she was going after her new husband for cake revenge! LOL.

Congratulations Megan and David!!