Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Shelf

I just realized tonight that I hadn't posted my fall shelf on my blog! I started off with my DIY Rustic Shelf, since I don't have a mantel. I kept the old window frame from my summer decor. I love it too much to ever take it down. (Won't it look great with a holiday wreath hanging from the top of it at Christmas?) I made these bead board candy corns last year and I still love them! I used a scrap block of wood and stained it, then cut words out with my Silhouette and tied it with jute. My hubby cut up a small log for me with the chainsaw. The ceramic pumpkins have a big hole in the base, so I was able to put one on my candlestick. (because of the sharp stick that holds the candle in place). I added my fall branches, and last year's acorn garland, cut a bit shorter.

The garland is actually light and dark wood grain peel and stick flooring strips that are sold individually at home improvement stores. They cut great with scissors! They are held up on the garland by using a hole punch.

I'm loving my fall shelf! ;)

The Lettered Cottage

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