Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY Push Pop Stands!

Awhile ago I bought two sets of pushpops from Pick Your Plum. You've heard of Pick Your Plum, right? The first thing I do after I open my eyes each weekday, is check my email on my phone and go straight to the mail from Pick Your Plum! Each weekday, you receive a email with a GREAT craft deal at huge discounts! Being a party planner, I knew I'd use these! They come with these cool acrylic trays (which are awesome!), BUT I could never figure out how I would leave them at a party I was setting up. Someone would have to be holding the tray at all times or else they'd all tip over. I figured out a easy solution!To start off, I took a spare piece of wood from my garage (really it could be any size wood you have on hand, just make your measurements appropriate for it). I measured the length of the acrylic tray and cut the base of the stands. I took half an inch off of each end of the base, so that the tray would hang over both edges...make sense? Next, I sanded the edges.Now the fun part! I pre-drilled the holes with my DeWalt cordless screwdriver. My dad liked his so much that he bought extra, so I got one. ;) It's my favorite too! My mom also sent me his tray of drill bits so now I am able to use it to drill holes too! Next, I just used two screws on each end piece, drilling from the bottom.

All that's left now is painting! I decided to do white so that I can use them for ANY party. White will never clash. ;) I was out of white spray paint so I just brushed it on with white paint I had on hand. Laziness/Thriftiness 101:Use what you got!

A couple of coats later, and I'm done! I can't wait to finally USE them after just staring at them on my craft table for so long! I've had it in my head to build these, but just never found the time.


  1. Ok that is just fun!! I have my 1 year old's bday party coming up and I might just have to use this!

  2. this is an awesome idea for my daughter"s 4th birthday party