Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Woodland Scene

I knew that this year I wanted to create a woodland theme on my shelf. I rounded up some animals from World Market, and JoAnns. I then use wood slices to tie it all together and add height variation. A lot of these creatures are tiny, and if I didn't do something to make them stand out, it could be rather boring. 
 I used mixed sizes of bottle brush trees, and "snow" to add to the scene.

 While at JoAnns, I stumbled upon giant white birch logs. I think they were about 4 ft. long! I used a coupon and bought one, and cut it at random lengths to add to the scenery.
The bunny needed that cute little red sled! How cute is she?

Vintage Christmas

I thought I'd finally give you a little peek at my Christmas decorations. I stopped dragging out my old hodge podge that I didn't like, and came up with some inexpensive new ideas. 
I used some of my vintage bottle collection, and added some white glittered pine cone ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I put these in my crate shelf that hangs in the dining room.
I had to throw away my old tree skirt last year because it got ruined. Instead of buying a new one, I originally wanted my husband to make me a metal tree collar. Instead, I happened to see that the bark was coming off of the giant logs in our backyard. I pulled one off and sprayed it outside with bug spray just in case. Then I just wrapped it around our tree stand! Easy!

A little chalkboard update for winter!

My little wooden fox got in the Christmas spirit with a mini wreath. 

Originally I was going to make a pom pom garland for the tree, but I got tired of making pom poms. I made a garland for my mirror by the front door, and a smaller one for our deer antlers. 

I screwed one of my husband's deer antlers on to a wood slice. They still have the velvet on them! The pom pom flowers are from Steph Loves Ben, on Etsy. You can order whatever colors you like, and they come on sticks! My pom poms are no where near how perfect hers are. 

Those three little trees I picked up at Salvation Army. They were fall colors, so I painted the tops with green paint I had on hand, and added some green Martha Stewart glitter to make them shine. The chalkboard printable was free from The Shabby Creek Cottage

Lastly, we have our Christmas countdown, which I blogged about here