Saturday, January 7, 2012

Emma's Bunny Birthday Party {8 Years Old!}

My daughter turned 8! Yikes! That makes me feel old! She is OBSESSED with bunnies so of course she asked for a bunny party! We'll start with the invitations...(Photo from I ordered these invites from stockberrystudio on etsy and the file arrived super fast, and I printed them at Costco.
There were a lot of kids coming, so I brought in an extra table to make a big square table. It's easy enough to use basic white tablecloths and add a yard of bunny fabric to the center. I just used pinking shears on the edges. A yard was a perfect fit for the center of two 6 ft tables.
Since Emma has bunny stuff everywhere already, I was able to pull a few things from what she has. There are no bunnies to be found in stores at the beginning of January. This little felt basket was perfect for forks.
I've had these wooden berry boxes for awhile and I FINALLY got to use some of them! They held the bunny place card, and their take-home treats.
Bunny cookies from Nandie!
Giant marshmallows as "Bunny Tails".
I made a fabric strip banner to decorate the area where they were sitting.

I made this bunny banner with my Silhouette machine and some cotton balls. :)
This is a "punch game". I cut holes in a tri-fold display board with an exacto knife. Then I covered the holes with tissue paper, taped on the back. After that, you tape a box or bag onto the back of it, filled with candy or goodies. The kids choose which hole to punch and then discover their prize.

This GIANT balloon is from Shop Sweet Lulu. I LOVE it! I think all of my parties will require giant balloons from now on!
We have two bunnies that have a large outdoor cage, but we decided to bring them in for the party. We put them in the smaller cage, and let the kids feed them lettuce.
After pizza, we headed outside for Bunny Hop Sack Races.
At first, we were going to race on the straight part of the track, but Emma fell and hit her knee right away and said it was too hard, so we switched to the grass. I don't think our grass is much softer right now though, it's sleeping for the winter.
We raced 5 at a time.
I bought the sacks at the feed store for $2 each and then I added the white yarn for tails.

Punch game!
One thing I did that I will ALWAYS do again is pre-scoop the ice cream! I bought little bowls with lids from Smart and Final and the day before the party I scooped them, and wrote which flavor it was with a sharpie. All I had to do was pass them out, it was SO easy! No more waiting!
I always think that I'll remember to have someone take pictures of me with the birthday girl, and I ALWAYS forget. So... here's the girls with Nana!

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  1. WOW!! This is such a pretty theme!! Thank you so much for linking up tot he party! ;)


  2. Great party photos. We had a similar kids birthday party planned last weekend, but it rained dogs and cats so at the last minute we got a reptile party instead as it could be indoors.
    The kids had fun, but it also cost a lot more.
    All the best