Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Lunch with The Planing Mill

This week is teacher appreciation week. If you know that we home school, you might be surprised to know that we actually HAVE teachers. We belong to a charter school and we are blessed by the wonderful teachers who guide us parents through teaching our children at home. They also put a lot of hours and effort into the electives and trips that they offer, to enrich learning at home. Since we are not a "traditional" school, we don't have a PTA to organize special things like this for the teachers. I wanted to do SOMETHING, so I put out a message in our school Facebook group to see if any other families wanted to help out. A group of us set out to host a great lunch for our teachers, and it happened to coincide with finishing up the STAR testing for the week. Bonus!
 I ordered the food from The Planing Mill, in Visalia. If you're local and you haven't tried it, seriously, wait no longer! Everything there is fabulous! A little further down, you'll see some close up of the food.
 For dessert, they had a White Chocolate Raspberry bundt cake with cream cheese frosting.
 Are these flowers not gorgeous? I took my blue mason jars to my friend who also volunteered to help, and she CUT all of these flowers from yards with the permission of various friends. They are SO beautiful.
 Each teacher got a little tiny bag  stamped with "thank you", and inside was a See's candy box and a info magnet from the catering restaurant.
 This first box is an enormous Antipasto Misto. I can't even tell you how bad I wanted to snag a piece! ;)
 I also ordered a BIG Greek salad, and two Artisan pizzas.
I think it turned out GREAT, thanks to the families for stepping up to appreciate some teachers and to The Planing Mill for some FABULOUS food!

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  1. I wish I was a teacher at that school! What a great job you all did!!