Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Le Tote

I've got a secret. 
I wear clothes that aren't mine.
Clothes I can't afford to buy.
I give them back without washing them.
Then I do it all over again.
You can too!

I'm talking about Le Tote. A friend introduced me to it, and I'm so glad she did. I'm currently wearing a top that retails for $99. I can't think of any piece of clothing I've ever paid $99 for, except my wedding dress. It was hard to get a photo of my favorite feature of this top, the zippered shoulders and the duck tailed back. From the front it just looks like a regular old flannel. That feather bracelet? Also Le Tote.
After you make an account, you browse their clothes, bags, and accessories online and add the ones you like to your "closet". Le Tote then styles a tote for you and sends it to you in a box like this. Shipping is free (both ways) and fast. They are based out of San Francisco. There is a prepaid shipping bag in the box, and after you wear the clothes you simply drop them in the bag and back into the mail. Do this as often as you want to get the most for your money.

They will then style your next tote and send it out. You rate the items they send you on your style and the fit. It's like Netflix for clothes. Variety without the price tag. 

My biggest closet problem is that I have no variety. Seriously, I own 8 of the same black tank tops. This way I get to try things that I'd probably never think to buy. You can also tell them what not to send you. I opted out of earrings, but have kept everything else open.

If you fall in love with something and want to keep it, you just don't return that item in the bag and Le Tote will charge you the price listed. The best part is that they do the laundering. We are entering into sweater season, which means hand wash sweaters. Insert horrid face emoji here.

If you know an event is coming up, simply add a nice dress and fun accessories into your closet. You review your tote and can replace items they pick for you before you finalize your tote. Weddings, holiday parties, special events? Done and done! 

It costs $49 a month if you add the insurance (which I did). That way if you stain something, it is covered. There are no commitments or contracts, you can cancel it anytime. This was key to me signing up, I don't dig contracts. If you decide you want to try it (even just for a month!) you can use my referral link to get $25 off the first month. 

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