Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Smoked Prime Rib!}

Last night I FINALLY got to return to Orange Blossom! I've been recovering from a partial knee replacement, and it's been pretty challenging. I couldn't wait to get back to my OBJ routine! I think I may have had dreams of Orange Caesar Dressing! My girlfriends and I went to dinner last night because one of them is moving (boo hoo!!). It was no disappointment to me when I found out we were going on a Saturday night, because I know what that means at OBJ... Smoked Prime Rib! The special salad was an Avocado Salad with BACON, Beet Sorbet, and Orange Caesar! I LOVED the thick bacon in the salad! It added a whole other level of tastiness, and went perfectly with the avocado! I'm also secretly glad it had OC dressing because I've been craving it!

While I've been away, the weather has changed, along with the vegetables in season. One of the things I have ALWAYS loved about OBJ is their fresh, natural approach to food. Why shouldn't the foods in restaurants change with the crops? It means the people buying it are buying fresher, healthier, more flavorful food that hasn't been on a truck for a week or more!

The Prime Rib is smoked to perfection, and divinely tender! It's topped with Yorkshire Pudding, which is always a treat for me! It was served with roasted red potatoes, ratatouille, sauteed greens, and a big piece of garlic bread! Hello perfect dinner!

One of the best parts of the three course dinner specials? Dessert!! The way I remember the difference in spelling "desert" and "dessert" is that "dessert" has two s's because you always want more! That is completely true of this Chocolate Trauma! Having been gone for over a month, there was nothing I wanted more of this dream-inspiring chocolate ice cream. Served over a chocolate ganache tart, and topped with MORE chocolate? Heaven.

I'm soooooo glad to be back, even if I am still walking a bit funky. It was the taste buds that mattered! :)

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