Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter Shelf

You'll have to forgive my ugly flash picture, our house has the worst possible lighting in this spot. I am LOVING this shelf. All I did was spend a couple bucks at a thrift store to gather some various white containers. A few of them I already had. I then cut floral foam to fit inside them, and used clippings from our trees and shrub to fill them in. I realize I will probably need to re-cut new pieces in a couple weeks, but I'm ok with that... They were FREE, and they're real! The two mercury glass votives are from Target. They were $3.00. I LOVE the neutral look I've somehow managed to accomplish! I made the burlap stocking out of scraps I already had, and added quickly whipped up a white ruffle for the top. I used one of my glittered clothespins I've prepared for packaging, to pin it to a jute string. I have two more stockings cut, but laziness set in before I sewed them. I may or may not get around to adding them to the other two panes. Right now, I love it!!

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