Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bakerella's Yellow Cake

Yesterday my wonderful hubby turned 33! A few months ago, I made Bakerella's yellow cake and fell in love. My husband is crazy isn't big on chocolate, so I made the next best thing! This cake with a classic buttercream frosting SCREAMS wedding cake to me. 

Now, I must admit, there has been one time when I made this cake, and it didn't turn out great. For my 30th birthday I think I over-baked it and dried it out. It was also the hottest April day we'd ever had and it spent the whole day in the fridge and it was super dry and crumbly by party time. Trust me when I say, if you make this cake right, it will be like the old fashioned cake your grandma used to make. It's super easy and only has a few ingredients, just don't over-bake! So yummy!

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