Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY Vintage Coffee Can Candle

Recently I saw candles made out of vintage coffee cans! You know my complete love for old stuff, so I had to look into it, to see if I could make my own. A quick search on Etsy revealed that this was very possible! You can find many brands/colors from $5+ on Etsy. I bought this one from MoontowerVintage for $7. I wanted red since I'm trying to mix more in with my turquoise kitchen and dining room. Plus the red Folger's reminds my of my coffee-loving daddy. ;)
This was SUPER simple, I didn't even look it up, just played it by common sense. I used a coupon on my soy wax flakes from Hobby Lobby, making it $6. The wicks (10 pack of 3.5") and scent bottle were each a little over a  $1, all from the HobLobster.
I simply melted the wax flakes in a pan and added several drops of the scent oil. 
 Sprinkle a bit of wax in the can, and hold your wicks in place. I ended up using metal skewers to sandwich the wicks in place while the wax dried.

I also had a milkglass goblet that had stains in the bottom. Not sure if you can actually see them in the picture.
 Here's what they look like dry. I LOVE the coffee can one!!!
 I had extra wax, so I made the milkglass one as well. I think they're super cute!

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  1. Did you use a coffee scent? Love the coffee can one.