Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Mini Doll Bed

Yesterday Emma got her mini doll in the mail. She saved her money from chores {and selling a painting to good ol' grandma} and ordered mini American Girl Josefina online. She's getting the big one for Christmas, but she wanted the mini one too. Today I figured I'd attempt a mini bed from scrap wood and fabric. It worked! 

 I just cut some scrap wood and screwed it together to make a four-poster style bed. We spray painted it red to match her dress. Then Emma went through my fabric scraps to pick out her bedding fabric.
I made a "mattress" and pillow, then sewed a blanket that has super soft felt in between the layers. Since this was just a quick scrap project, I utilized the pinking shears on the blanket and pillow. It kinda makes the pillow look like it has ruffled edges!

A perfect fit and super easy! I may or may not add a white canopy to the top, I'm undecided.
 Now Cami wants me to make her mini BUNK BEDS! ;)

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