Thursday, November 1, 2012

Indian Headdresses

Today we met with another family that we do science and social studies with. We have been studying the Pilgrims, in preparation for Thanksgiving, and I must say I even learned a few things I didn't know! It's actually quite interesting, and makes you realize how difficult of a time they had. We decided we would end our study with a family Pilgrim Feast meal, coming up in a couple weeks. To make it even more interesting {Hello, TWO Thanksgivings!} we let the kids choose to dress up as pilgrims or Indians. Of course, they all chose Indians! Guess the parents will be pilgrims. ;)
 The headdresses turned out so cute, I had to share! I didn't even know what I was going for, but after wandering around Hobby Lobby, I made up my mind. They sell these wide strips of fur bands. I bought two white, and two brown. Of course all of the kids wanted white, so we drew slips of paper for the white ones. The strip several inches too long, so when we trimmed them to fit their head (leaving a few inches to overlap the seam), we traded colors so the kids could add a second fur color piece. Perfect!

 Once the piece was cut to fit their head, they chose feathers and beads that we would help them hot glue on. The kids had the fantastic idea to thread beads onto the feathers!! We gave them yarn to thread beads to hang down from the sides if they wanted. I love how all of the kids used the same supplies and all four headdresses turned out so different! So cool!

After they showed us where to hot glue their decorations, we then did a second "fitting" and then hot glued the closure flap (without it on their head of course). You could always sew the fur piece together, but we figured we'd make it easy, and it worked perfectly!

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