Sunday, March 10, 2013

InstaCollage with Persnickety Prints

I have been wanting to print some of my Instagram photos for awhile now. I discovered Persnickety Prints (via Instagram, actually!) and ordered a bunch of the photos of my kids. The cool thing is that if you posted it on Instagram, it's probably something you want to remember, so it's easy to choose which photos to print. I ordered the 3x3 prints, but they also have other sizes. I was a bit tempted to order 2x2's and buy a big white poster frame to make a InstaCollage. 
 The things is, I have this really old frame that I bought for $2 that I totally LOVE. It's even better in person, because it has the faintest hint of having turquoise on it at some point in its life, and is smeared with gold. It didn't have glass, or a back, so I had to get creative.
First, I laid them out on a piece of cardboard to see if they fit. Then I went and bought a piece of black foam board and cut it to fit.
I spread out my options for attaching them to the board. I wanted to use white photo corners, but I had JUST enough room for the photos and the corners added too much space. If your frame is a different size, or if you're using less photos, I think the white photo corners would be super cute.
 I went with the double sided tape in all the corners so that I could put them right next to each other.

Now I can see all of the things my kids have done over the past year or two in one glance. It's pretty cool, huh? I love that with one look I can see: my daughter's reaction the day her first American Girl doll arrived, a bubble bath beard, a lost tooth, a day of kayaking in the bay with our girls, a photo snapped of the girls piled on daddy's back when he was on the floor, a birthday wish, tire swing fun at the park, their first trip to the bowling alley, etc. All sweet moments I want to remember.

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