Monday, June 29, 2015

On Discovery...

So many adults rely only on what they learned in school. Diploma or degree in hand, we checked out. 
Done learning.
Learning something new? Nope.
Speaking a language that I don't already speak? Nope.
Have something fascinate me to my core? It's been awhile.
When did we become okay with that?

Now, those answers above are not mine. They are a "in general" response that I think most adults would give. Thankfully, not all. Not all of us are okay with existing in the only environment we've ever known. This is something that has changed in me from my five years of homeschooling my children. I get the opportunity to relearn everything. Question everything afresh. 

Last year, one of our subjects was French. I was excited to dust off my four years of high school French and teach them the correct pronunciation of crepe. Hearing most Americans order crepe at a restaurant, I cringe. This past week I spent my days bidding on textbooks for the upcoming year. This year I've decided we will do Latin. Now, mind you I have never taken a Latin class a day in my life. 

This is what excites me. 
The spark of interest.
Adding file folders of information to my brain. 
I'm not talking date memorization of historical facts, and the thought of impending algebra in the coming years makes me cringe.
I am talking about things that add culture, passion, happiness, talent, diversity, and understanding.

A great example is Operation Pollination. If you don't know what that is, it is the name we have affectionately given our bee hives. Last school year I added enrichment trips that I thought would be interesting and fun. We drove to LA and saw a special Van Gogh exhibit at LACMA after studying his work. 
We toured the La Brea Tar Pits, and walked through the neighboring park spotting new tar bubbles.
We toured local farms, and learned about biodiversity and organic growing methods.
Then we got a local organic beekeeper to give us a tour of his hives, and it all changed.

We were stung with fascination. 

Bees blew our minds. We found our jaws on the floor every few minutes when he would tell us another mind-blowing fact about bees. Believe me, they are fascinating. More than you can imagine. 
Now we find ourselves, as backyard beekeepers. Doing our little part for this tiny, wonderful pollinator.
Inspecting a frame from one of our hives.
Let's collectively agree to stop accepting only what you know thus far.
Say 'no' to being okay with just being a cab driver to your kids.
Sure, you have stuff to do.
Don't let that stuff be what feeds you.
You have so many more files to fill.

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