Saturday, July 18, 2015

Down Time Thoughts

I've had so much time to just sit and think this past week. Well, actually lay on my side with a fan blowing on my burning skin because I can't sit- and think would be more accurate. A few things I've learned from being forced into down time. 

1. First of all, giving someone high doses of steroids and them not being able to get up and walk around is a special kind of torture. Giving me lots of energy and then no ability to move is not fun. It makes me lay here and think of all of the things that I should be, could be doing with this forced boost in my system. 

2. I must have time outside. Always. This is probably one of the more difficult things for me personally. I love working in my garden. The early mornings picking vegetables, afternoons pruning roses, collecting eggs from our crazy flock. I never fully realized how these routines are lifelines for me. My hands must be in the dirt. My heart needs sunshine.

3. When you don't go outside for a week, you don't discover until it's too late, that your water timer batteries have died. Crossing my fingers for my dead baby tree. Sad face. 

4. You have never had the burning desire to vacuum your house. Until the thought of standing that long and possibly working up a sweat on your allergic reaction site prevents you from vacuuming. Suddenly you see your floors as gross. Disgusting. You see every dust bunny, every stray feather that your down couch has thrown out. And you can do nothing about it.

5. Dinners sitting at the table are infinitely more enjoyable than eating while standing with your bum in front of a fan. Hear me: infinitely. Still waiting on the return of the sitting, mind you.

6. The smallest things give you the largest amount of joy. Taking your pain pill (and sitting on the side of your hip in the car) and having your husband drive you to the Farmers' Market before it gets too hot? The first fresh figs of summer, watermelon straight from the farm, grain free brownies (because, steroids), juicy peaches, and a pit stop on the way home for king crab and your favorite citrus heat tri-tip? Yes. All of the above. When life hands you lemons, make king crab. Making the most fabulous dinner you can imagine is the trade off for having spent zero money this week. When you can't leave the house, the money stays in the bank. Well, mostly...

7. Which brings me to my next point: online shopping from bed. It had to be done. I blame it on my dad, he always took me shopping when there were major bummers he couldn't fix. Oh, you're overdue pregnant and STILL haven't dilated, let's dry those tears and go to Target. Yes, before you go telling me that shopping doesn't fix anything, I know that. It sure does raise the spirits though. Thanks, dad. 

8. You never want to hear your daughter scream "SNAKE IN THE HOUSE" ever, but especially when you are in a state of hardly being able to walk, and benadryl is threatening your level of consciousness. Just, no.

9. Note to self when you get better: the hubs, beloved as he may be, might need a crash course in laundry when you're well enough to teach him. Judging by the fact that you asked him to dry his work clothes you managed to put in the washer earlier, and woke up in the morning to his wet clothes laid out all over the living room floor. Wet. We don't have heated floors mind you, and even if we did, this would not be an approved method for clothes drying. Especially because we have a dryer. 

10. Friends are the BEST. They will bring you chocolate, donuts, and Downton Abbey DVDs. These are lifelines.

11. When you have your mother in law drive you to the grocery store, and you're going commando and wearing the loosest, softest romper you have, it's okay to buy yourself flowers. Buy the flowers, and go back to bed and fan your bum. 

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