Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh happy day! A complaint-free writing day!

After lunch today, we trudged back into the schoolroom. It was quite obvious that I was more enthused than the girls. Our morning was spent in Language Arts, Math and extra reading. I was planning on finishing up with their Science lesson for the day and putting them down for a nap. I remembered that 1.) I needed Emma to do writing for the day (and she filled up her journal and is waiting on a new one from school, so she's been writing on just regular paper and she doesn't write nearly as much as she can/should on that paper) AND 2.) I've been trying to get Cami to write more sentences at once (she thinks she should just have to write one sentence like she did in the beginning of kindergarten) and it has been an uphill battle of wills! For some reason, I thought about doing one giant brainstorm together on the board and having them do a writing project together. Usually they do writing on their own because Emma is obviously expected to do more since she is older. I put away the writing paper and cut up some printer paper. After about 10 minutes of doing a writing web together on things they like to do at Christmas, they were ready to make a book! I am AMAZED that Cami didn't complain when I asked her to fix her mistakes and reminder her about spacing. I literally dread when it's time to do journaling with Cami. I told them to write one sentence on each page and when they were all done, they could illustrate them to match the print. Emma wrote twelve pages and Cami wrote SIX! This might not seem like a huge accomplishment to you, but when you have a kindergartner who loathes writing more than one sentence at a time, it's HUGE! I feel on top of the writing world, with just a simple, happy project! They were actually singing while they were coloring, instead of fighting with each other! =)Emma showing off a few pages.

Cami showing off her cover.

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