Friday, November 26, 2010

Mantleless Stockings...

Update! We got our tree tonight and and I got a bunch of clippings to make a wreath, and also this topper to bring life to my white window! I like it much better now!__________________________________________________________________
My house does not have a fireplace, therefore, no mantel from which to hang stockings. Every year I am wishing I had a cuter way to hang them, but end up using our old $1 store ceramic Santas with the hook bases on a window ledge in the living room. It is less than appealing, and everyday when I open the blinds I brace myself for one to fall. I have been sifting through Christmas decor all morning-most of which I'm opting to keep in the storage box this year and see what I can create. I have this old window, and it has spent years being everything from a hat rack, scarf rack, to a ribbon rack. Today I thought I might be able to use it as a stocking hanger. I took down our huge mirror that is usually here, and hung up the window. Unfortunately I have a blister because I liked the paint better on the backside so I had to unscrew the hooks and re-screw them onto this side. Then I cut Merry Christmas out of vinyl with my cricut and put in on one of the glass panes. I know that I want to add something green on or around this...although I haven't decided what yet. With white stockings and a white window, I think it needs more color. But I like it so far! =)

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