Friday, November 12, 2010

Fire & Police Station Tours

This morning our school went on a field trip to tour fire and police stations. First, our group went to the fire station. My friend's husband (their kids also belong to the same school) is a fireman, and he did our tour!
Here he is, showing the kids all of the protective gear that they wear.

He put on all of his gear so that the kids would know not to be afraid of a fireman if they were ever in a fire.

A engine got called out while we were there.

Even I learned a lot today! I never knew that THIS is a fire TRUCK, and the other one is a fire ENGINE. The trucks don't carry water, and have the ladder on top and their focus is on search and rescue. The engines carry water.

He showed us a lot of their equipment. He said that this fire truck costs a million dollars!

The jaws of life.

Here he is showing us how the fireman's schedule works and the maps of the city that are all over the station so that they always know where they are going.

He showed us his "bedroom", or dorm, where they sleep.

This is the kitchen area, and the kids asked the men a couple of questions. Leave it to my daughter to announce, "it smells like coffee in here!" haha. Yes, she knows that smell well! =)

Smoke detectors!
Emma was SO excited to try on the gear!

Sitting in the engine.
Next, we headed next door to the police station.

She pointed out that the Visalia badge has Mickey Mouse on it! I never noticed that before!

The big round white thing is what they detonate bombs in.

Swat and CSI vehicles...

I felt bad for the tour guide in the briefing room, the little kids were less than enthused and most of them laid their heads down on the table! I guess this just wasn't as interesting as the fire station to them!

They took us in small groups into dispatch and we had to be totally silent.
We had a great morning, but by far our favorite tour was the fire station!

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