Monday, November 1, 2010


So I must say...I struggle with posting this pic because I hate the Leia hair. The whole part down the middle and cinnamon buns bug me. Oh well, I guess I was pretty realistic because all of the little boys who like Star Wars were dumbfounded to see me passing out candy. One little boy was dressed as Luke Skywalker in the orange flying jumpsuit and even though his mom was telling him to move, he couldn't. He just stood there staring at me with awe on his face for about 3 whole minutes. Haha. I must say, it was pretty cute! There were also adults who would ask to take my picture, either with or without their kid, and say "I saw Star Wars when it was in the theatres!!" I found out, everyone loves Leia! My kids weren't the only ones who pointed out that Leia uses a gun, but I told them I'm not wearing a gun to trunk or treat! =) Brandon was Luke Skywalker, and I wish we could have entered the costume contest together but Brandon was driving the hayride tractor, and I was passing out candy at our car. Oh well, maybe next year. I wish I would have been able to take pictures because it was AWESOME! There was a HUGE hay maze made out of 1000 hay bales. You had to find pirate treasure coins when you went in and there were pirates at the top keeping an eye on things, then you exchanged your coins for candy on the way out. There were lots of kiddie carnival games, and bounce houses, etc. My brother in law is the guy on the other side of me, in case you didn't notice the family resemblance. Brandon had already put his lightsaber in the car.
Before we left, we walked the girls next door to Papa's house for candy.
Paging Dr. Emma

There is just something so cute about this....father and daughter. haha

Posing with a couple of friends before the chaos begins! We had so much fun and I am SO tired! I can't believe my kids were still up at 7am!!

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