Friday, October 29, 2010

Pot of GOLD! {King Crab Steampots}

I borrowed this giant pot about a month ago and we had a dinner planned with a couple of crab lovin' friends. We found out about my dad's cancer the day before the dinner, so I needed to cancel. The reschedule finally arrived! I am sure there are boundless ways to make different steampots, if there was ever any doubt, look up Joe's Crab Shack menus online. They offer so many different types. This is the Baeza version!
Step one:borrow the biggest pot on the planet! Ok, if you are only making this for a single family, you only need a big spaghetti pot. I was cooking for three families.

The next step is to boil red potatoes. They take the longest to cook. This huge pot was only about 1/3 of the way full. You don't want too much water, just enough to cover the potatoes and corn.

Show me the money! (annnnd sportin' the children's star wars apron! haha) This is called B.Y.O.C.!! Bring your own crab.

Usually the potatoes need a half hour of cooking before you add the corn. Just check the potatoes with a fork to see if they are tender. Add your corn and cook about 15-20 minutes.

Next we added Kilbasa. You can leave it out or add any kind of hot link or precooked sausage you want. Right after that, you can add the crab on top. The great thing is with the potatoes and corn in there, it forms a "shelf" for your crab legs. They will steam instead of boil. Put the lid back on after each food addition to the pot. The crab take no time, since they're already cooked. Depending on how much you're making, it takes only 5-10 minutes once you add the crab. All you are doing is making them hot....but not chewy with overcooking!

FYI...this is my turkey platter, it's HUGE and now covered in crab! =)

Usually I drain the water out of the pot, keep everything in it, and melt butter and mix it up. I don't have the world's largerst colander to match this pot, so I just used tongs to put everything on the platter and covered it with butter. Sprinkle season salt all over everything. Serve with clarified butter.

As soon as we sat down, Brandon spilled his drawn butter. Not one to waste, I went to work with my bread! =)

You can totally tell this is the first of many refill's so neat and shell free.

You totally need a trash bin on the table with this meal! We were flinging shells all over the place, I even had crab in my hair. I also put an entire roll of paper towels on the'll need it!
Four sweet girlies eating sundaes...
I am convinced of one thing. At the end of a rainbow, is a giant pot of crab!

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