Saturday, October 2, 2010

50 book treat!

Well yesterday the girls put up their 50th shape cutout on the wall! That means they've read 50 books. I promised a movie day when we got 50 up on the wall. We write the names of the books and who read them on the cutout and then hang up on the schoolroom wall. The great thing is, they love to count them every couple of days so that is even more practice with numbers! We went to see Beauty and the Beast singalong. It was only one showing today and we were there early. Unfortunately, after a half hour of the managers trying to get the sound to work, we gave up. We went and got our money back and of course right as we were getting our cash back, they got it working. They offered to have us go back in and watch it and still keep the cash.
These were pics of them waiting for it to start. By the time we were outside though, I had promised them we'd walk to the paint your own pottery store instead so they didn't want to go back in. We thanked them for our cash back and walked on our way. The man followed us out and offered to give me cash back for our concessions as well, so we followed him in and did that too. Thanked AGAIN, and then headed to our car to put away our popcorn. The woman manager then followed us all the way to our car on the side of the building and brought us three free movie tickets as well!! Don't ever let anyone tell you Regal doesn't have good service from their managers, I was blown away.

So we kept our cash (cizzash for you Dana) and walked the two blocks to paint pottery instead. Thankfully this option ended up being cheaper less than half the price the movies was going to cost me with snacks!

I couldn't get a normal picture of Cami because she was sucking on a life saver, haha. Oh well..if you look in her right hand you'll see her TINY heart she decided, after much deliberation, to paint. Thankfully the gal didn't charge me her $5 painting fee just to paint this 50 cent product!

Double score! Blessings all around today! Congratulations on 50 books girls, and keep reading for your next treat day! =)

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