Thursday, October 28, 2010

Princess Leia

When I announced that I was going to be Leia for Halloween, Cami started jumping up and down saying that she wanted to be Leia too. Of course, AFTER we bought her vet costume! Thankfully a friend of mine volunteered to let me borrow her Leia costume, so I was able to do TWO Leia costumes for free with what I already have and what I borrowed. I am wearing the borrowed costume, so I had the fabric I was going to use for mine to make one for Cami. I sewed it this morning in about 20's a good thing costumes don't have to be anywhere close to perfect! We'll probably throw a turtleneck under it...My hair is long enough to twirl my own buns, so I'm gonna have Cami wear the wig. Also, Cami is gonna use the belt, and I will wear my own belt.
Can you tell how much she LOVES the wig?? Haha!

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