Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clutch Purse

I am beside myself because I actually made something out of a pattern! Say whaaat?! Yes, it's true! I follow the blog Made By Rae and she MADE the pattern for this Buttercup Bag. And guess what? It's a free pattern! Woo hoo! Make sure you read and follow her rules because this pattern is for personal use only. My finished product looks a bit different than hers, because I left off the strap and made it a clutch, and left off the button detail and added rosettes. I think the next one I do will be out of thicker fabric and I'll add the strap...just for variation.

It is lined and has pleats and a snap and I made it! You KNOW that's gotta be a sign of an easy pattern to follow! I am so pattern illiterate it's not even funny!
I don't know what has come over me today but I have managed to homeschool two kids, do three loads of laundry, bake cookies, blog, finish this purse project, and halfway clean my house...and it's only 3:16! Too bad this is a totally non-typical day! =)
Thanks for the great pattern Rae!


  1. very cute love it, one day I would like to learn to sew

  2. This is beautiful Jaime, love it -
    Rae your pattern is great.