Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surprise Day! {BIG Fresno Fair}

Today we surprised the kids by Brandon taking the afternoon off and going to the Fresno fair. The girls love "The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that" on PBS, and he was going to be there today until 1pm. We knew they (or Emma at least) wanted to see him, so after we got in the car we told them where we were going!
Look at Emma's reaction...I love it!Of course when we arrived, he wasn't where they said he would be, but we were on the lookout for the hat! We spotted him and followed him until we could get him to stop for a picture. Cami was cowering behind daddy.

The girls have VERY different taste in rides, as you will soon see. Emma on a rollercoaster.

Cami on a slow elephant.

Emma and mommy on the giant slide.

Cami on the kiddie rockets.

Emma and daddy on the Orient Express coaster.

Cami on the carousel.

Emma on the go-gater coaster.
Gotta see the giant vegetables when you go to the fair. An ode to Wallace and Gromit, the curse of the Were-Rabbit! =)

We looked up some old California Raisin commercials on youtube when we got home because the girls didn't know what they were.

I REALLY love the pirate ship play area that they added a year or two ago. That whole park area for kids is great.

The girls like Pirates of the Caribbean so the whole time we were going through it we were saying "it's Captain Jack's treasure!", "is this where Elizabeth Swan is?" =)

The loved walking under this waterfall.

I am in LOVE with the treehouse, both this bottom part and the quirky little house above it!

It reminds me of the Berenstain Bears.

This was the area right across from it, I think it's called the water tree house or something like that, but it's all about saving water.

This place reminded me of the Tiki Room at Disneyland, with it's thatched roofs.

They had different stuff for them to play in this room.

This was hilarious. I've never heard of it, but Brandon had. It's children upto 6 years old riding sheep!I took video of the wool warriors, it was hilarious. One little boy was totally trained to do it, and there was even a 3 year old!!

Next to the wool warriors was a kids zone, which was pretty cool. There was a giant chess board...not like we knew how to play or anything. ;)

A giant wall of nails...
GIANT bubble wands...these were a hit!

A make and take craft area.

Cami showing off her less than $2 ring and corn dog.

Emma asked if she could go in the fire truck and they were happy to let her explore.

The last thing we stopped for was the little pig races.

I thought it was funny enough...and then I saw the hurdles! HAHA

We left before dinner since it cost a small fortune (and a tummy ache) to eat at the fair and headed to Dog House to beat the dinner rush. Yumm!

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