Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Table Runner

I love days when I actually finish a project! I've been slowly working on making this fall table runner, but I just haven't had much time to work on it. I think it turned out pretty cute!
Start out by cutting squares or rectangles out of fabric. Make them all the same size. Lay them out in the order you want them. I used red, orange, and natural berlap, mustard yellow felt, brown fabric with tiny white polka dots, an orange patterned fabric from Beverly's that I had laying around, and... my favorites: the fall trees and apples from The Ribbon Retreat! they've got some great fabric and it shipped the next day!

The next step, (not pictured) is to sew the short sides of the recangles together. Basically when I laid out all of my pieces, I just flipped them on top of the one I paired it next to and stitched along the one edge. After each set, I would replace it where I picked it up from and do the next one. Next, I flipped one set onto the the next set, right sides facing. Pin and stitch along the long side of the rectangle, where you pinned.

Here it is, all pieces stitched together.

I folded it from end to end and trimmed the edges to make them even.

For my backing, I used a plain brown that I had in my fabric stash. Face right sides together, and trim excess backing fabric.

Pin all around the edges. I put a few down the middle too, just so it wouldn't be tempted to move on me.

Sew along all edges except one of the short edges. Turn inside out and press with a hot iron. Turn in the edges of the one short open end, and press.

This was the end I used to flip it right side out. After you stitch it closed, continue top-stitching around the entire runner.

And here it is! I think it turned out pretty cute! Notice there are NO pumpkins on it so that I can use it thru Thanksgiving? =)

You can make it as long or as short as you want. I chose this length, because my kids are pretty messy with syrup! =)

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