Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Journal topics {Dread no more!}

I think I hit "journal gold" tonight! I don't know about you, but we are always struggling for ideas when it comes to journal topics. Pioneer Woman had a great posting today on her homeschool section of her site. Check it out here. The kids happened to be looking over my shoulder and spotted the cute journal and were oohing and ahhing. I was led to a search of "story starters". Check out this link from Scholastic that I stumbled upon and love. You click on the grade of your child and type in their name. It then goes to a "slot machine" page where they push the buttons and it tells them the parts of the story they are to write. You can even keep going and have them type it out and draw a picture and print it out if you want. Yeah, probably not for school, but hey if your kids want to play on the computer, why not have them write a creative story? Otherwise you could just use it as a tool to give them a topic for their actual written journal.

Also on P-Dub's post were these...Silly Starters and Story Starters! I am in love!! I am dying to buy one of each of them for Emma! They have different grades and you flip the three cards to different things to come up with different journal topics!

The girls have fallen in love with and are begging for these cute journals, that I tracked down here. I hope you make use of these great resources...I plan to! =)

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