Monday, October 25, 2010

A weather experience

The kids were outside for recess time a bit ago and I noticed it is a SUPER windy day today! I knew we were going to talk about wind today during science, so with quick thinking, I headed to grab the kites!
Here is Yoda, flyin' high! Haha.

It would have been easier if we didn't have so many trees, etc on the property. We had a couple of snags.

I told Emma to keep running toward the shop and the back of the property, because she kept turning around and her kite would crash.

After about 20 minutes of kite flying, we came inside and read a book I picked up at the Learning Center last week because I knew we'd be on the topic of weather. It's called "I face the wind". In the book it has a few experiments, and we decided to try the one where you get a plastic bag and take it outside and catch air in it, and quickly close the top of the bag and see how air feels when you squeeze the bag. Who knew they would have so much fun with a plastic bag? Cami was squealing with delight, saying "I caught wind!!"

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