Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall subway art

FINALLY I have finished my fall subway art project! I bought a sample size of paint from Lowes and painted 2 coats on this board that I also picked up at Lowes. I did that step a couple of weeks ago, before my dad's cancer diagnosis, trip to Ohio, and four days in San Diego. It has been sitting in my garage ever since. I debated how to do this without having stencils. I thought about cutting the shapes on my cricut, but I only have one font and I didn't want them all to be in the same font.
Here is my board.

I typed up my words in different fonts and cut around them so that I could lay them out where I wanted them.
After deciding where I wanted them, I picked them up one by one and rubbed chalk on the back of them. Then I put the paper back and traced the outline with a pencil.

If you squint you can see the chalk. Then I painted it freehand. Yikes. It was time consuming. My hand isn't the steadiest, so I outlined the orange paint with a brown sharpie to straighten up the lines. It made it look SO much neater! I used a staple gun to attach brown polka dot ribbon and also added a pumpkin man out of my orange vinyl and my "stretch your imagination" cartridge.

A close up of my not so-handy work.
I think it turned out pretty cute! In case you are not a craft blog addict like me, don't think this was my idea, subway art is ALL OVER blogland! This is just my version. =)

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