Sunday, September 5, 2010

Carb fix!

This afternoon I went to see Eat Pray Love with the other Baeza women (well almost all of us-Melissa wasn't there-missed you!). During the Italy section I was drooling over her pasta and pizza! Drooling! By the time I got home and convinced the troops to come inside it was almost 7:30, which if you have kids you know that is almost bedtime and we still hadn't eaten dinner. What to do in a pinch, when you're too lazy to even leave the house for take out? Head to the garden and see what you can create! I went into my father in law's garden next door and picked a zucchini, a yellow squash, and a few big cherry tomatoes. Then I came in and dug around in the fridge and found that I had yet to divide up and store the big pack of chicken I picked up yesterday. Score! Here's what I ended up with... I made pasta, cut a piece of chicken off the bone, into small pieces and threw it into my trusty Rachel Ray grill pan. Then sliced up the zucchini and squash thinly, leaving about a third of each whole so that I could grate them up and throw them into the saute pan the last couple of minutes. So when the chicken was browned, I threw in the slices of veggies and tomatoes. When I was almost ready to drain the pasta, I added the shredded veggies and fresh garlic. When plating up, I added shredded parmesan cheese and torn fresh basil (that I thankfully still had!).

Hmm...maybe sometimes it is good to eat last minute! Pasta craving satisfied....for now. ;)

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