Friday, September 3, 2010

Orange Blossom Junction

Tonight I had the pleasure of an evening at Orange Blossom with my one and only. Last week, I emailed owner, Doug Long to see if I could snap a few pics of their food and blog about the restaurant. This took a bit of courage for my personality, but I did it and thankfully I was welcomed with enthusiasm! It is only a short 10-15 minute drive down 198 from Visalia to Exeter. We come here once a week or every other week if we happen to have other plans. We LOVE the food, the live music, the uniqueness that OBJ provides! If you don't believe me, hold on to your taste buds and scroll below! Chef George has been in a kitchen for over 35 years and I am convinced he is not capable of making something that isn't fantastic!I have always dreamed of having this magically transplanted into my yard...I love this garden!

Here is the main entrance.

Here is one of the musicians that frequent the Junction.

This is my hubby's favorite...Orange Ginger Chicken on top of potato pancakes. What's a potato pancake you ask? I have no idea, they only thing I know is that this plate makes my husband practically "pass out" (he says). He puts extra sauce on his mashed potatoes. =)

MY favorite...the Cat's Meow with chicken and orange caesar dressing. I know orange caesar sounds strange, but it tastes WONDERFUL! I have bought an extra salad to take home for lunch the next day before.

Ok...I have to tell you my secret...I am obsessed with their red cabbage they add to their salad. It is not raw, it is marinated or something and it makes my taste buds stand up and dance! They do a jig, right there on my tongue! =)

This pasta dish almost didn't make it out to the customer! It's a good thing I didn't have a fork in my hand!
One of tonight's specials....salad with melon, proscuitto and avocado.


Blackened Salmon.

New York steak with brandy peppercorn sauce.

Oh man, hold me back, hold me back. I didn't get a picture of them, but they make their own potato chips...they are the BEST!! Hot, crispy, seasoned chips! I have to rotate my order every other visit so that I can get my chip fix!
This is just a handful of what Chef George has to offer! GO! Have I convinced you yet?!

The entrance with view of the Cat House and the Main Dining Room.

The Cat House (to the left in the picture) is their bar and additional dining area.
Visit their website, check out their menu, read their story, and EAT their food! =) You won't regret it! They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday...check out their page for hours, directions, and more! Thanks for the opportunity Doug and Luci, we'll see you soon!

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