Monday, September 27, 2010

San Diego

Last Thursday we left for four days in San Diego. Our niece, Breanna, was getting married. Here is a picture journey through our four-days-o-family!The first night, we walked to a pizza place from our hotel for dinner. Oddly enough, our hotel was right across the street from my dad's old Navy base! It was very odd to think that my dad was here, serving our country before I was even born.
Here are the girls posing in front of an old ship that they have on the little boardwalk on our way to dinner.

Here is our family, waiting for the wedding to begin. It was on Point Loma's Alumni lawn under a huge, beautiful tree, overlooking the ocean.

The aisle, with the pom poms Joy made.

My old potting bench, that I rescued from the trash a few years ago, served as the "wishing tree" table.

My nephew Derrick, walking my sister in law Joy down the aisle.
D played the guitar during part of the ceremony.

Beautiful mama of the bride.

I can only imagine how hard this was for Ron, giving away his only daughter.

Joy made the seating chart out of old windows from Breanna's great-grandma and grandpa's house.

Bree made her own bride and groom bird cupcake toppers.

I bought my clutch purse at a $10 store in the Vegas airport on a layover last week. It had an ugly thing on it, so I took it off and made this flower to replace it out of lace and a button at my mom's house when I was in Ohio. It was the perfect pop of color since my dress was all black.

Joy made these bags out of berlap and we cut the tag shape and birds from my cricut. Then she stamped "thanks" on it. They were filled with a plastic baggie of chocolate covered pretzels.

The girls with Bree.
The photo booth was hilarious. There was a old suitcase full of props for people to take funny pictures with. Here are a few of our family...

Seriously, I don't know these people. lol

After this, I took a lot of pictures of the girls dancing, but they all came out blurry because of the movement. Emma was the dancing queen of the party, eveyone kept making circles around her on the dance floor, saying "go Emma..". She danced so hard that she danced the skin off between her toes and had to stop at the end!
Saturday we went to Old Town and this is how Nana walked out of the candy shop... LOL.

For lunch, we went to Phil's BBQ and Brandon was in heaven!

Quite possibly the BEST onion rings I've ever had!

We ended the night at Pizza Nova, which was SO good!
It sure is good to be home though!

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  1. These pictures are GREAT!!! What a fantastic weekend!

    1)The wedding decorations were awesome!! Very unique and memorable!!!

    2)Your picture of Joy and Ronnie with Bree and Brett in between them is my favorite - so sweet!

    3)Great Grandma's windows -- LOL! I was hoping there would a picture of someone suspiciously looking at them. ha

    4)You looked beautiful!