Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chair Makeover

I think I should be the Rescued Treasures spokeswoman! I LOVE their stores, I wish I had time to check them more often! I found this chair for $5.00, it had great potential but was still stuck in the 60's.
Yes, I have a messy garage.
This was SO simple! I unscrewed the seat (only 4 screws, less than one minute!) and took it outside and spray-painted it an antique white. I did two coats.
After it dried, and after I finally made it to the store for staples... I cut a piece of fabric and used my staple gun to re-cover it. You have to make sure you pull it evenly and TIGHT!
Take a look....

I love my five buck chair!!I already had the fabric so that saved me $$ too!


  1. Where is she going to live in your house??

  2. such a difference some gorgeous fabric can make :)