Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peace Out

Peace is not overrated friends. Today was a total day of peace for our family! Here are a couple of pics I thought I would share that show just a taste of our day. Our peaceful morning began with a morning of worship with our family...doesn't get any better than that for us! After church, we headed to Costco to pick up some food for a family bbq. Marty and Melissa were in town so they came over after we got home. Joy, Ron and Margaret came over as well and we cooked up a wonderful lunch. We lounged on the couch together, watched a movie, went outside and just SAT and enjoyed the cool beach-like weather. Brandon got out his RC truck and plaved with the girls and his brother on the track. We also spent a lot of time loving on the puppies today. Having a two week old puppy fall asleep in your hands gives you the "warm fuzzies" like you couldn't believe. Then several of us lounged on the couch just talking and enjoying our loved ones. I love my life! Melissa and Emma snuggling on the couch this afternoon. Emma kept saying "who's gonna snuggle with me!?"
I love how she tells stories with her hands.

This is the puppy we named Biscuit, like the children's books. It was the runt of our litter and I wasn't sure if she would make it with SO many siblings, but she has! We LOVE her!!

Seriously people, does it get any more peaceful than this? =)

There is enough craziness going on in the world without letting it into your home. Make your home a haven of peace friends! =)

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