Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wilderness explorers

Today we took a last little family outing before school starts this week! We brought along Nana of course, and left at 8:30. We packed a cooler full of food for a picnic lunch and headed to the Sierra Nevadas. I can see the mountain range from my house, we don't venture up as much as we'd like....Here are the girls looking for deer out the window for daddy. Bow hunting season starts next week so he was scouting to see where they were. Animal lovers just forget that you read that.
Here's daddy driving WHILE looking for deer. Can you hear me in the background- "keep your eyes on the road!"?

We went to Brandon's favorite spot, parked the car and headed out on our hike. We were probably the only people with long pants on but one time after walking through the woods with Brandon, I got back in the car and noticed a speck of dirt on my jeans. On a hunch, I pinched it between my two bled! It was a tick, not dirt! So, sweat we did...whatever we have to do to stay tick free!

Brandon had the girls tracking the deer and bear prints in the sand. We actually saw big paws with claws for bears. Yikes! Don't worry, daddy had a rambo blade on his belt in case we actually encountered a bear.

Cami had her favorite snack along for the walk...doritos!

Here's Emma eating pretzels. She must be the only girl that insists on wearing a skirt on top of the pants I made her wear!

Cami loves ANYTHING that is tiny. For years, Brandon has brought her home tiny acorns from the mountain and she carries them around for months. He took her to the tree where he normally picks acorns up for her.

Here's Emma looking for deer through Brandon's range finder.

Daddy and his scouts...

After the hike, we drove down to Hume Lakes picnic area by the lake and had our lunch. Then we waited about 20 minutes for the snack shop to open up so that we could get ice cream.
Emma with Brandon's John Deere hat..haha.

Cami wouldn't keep a straight face if we paid her!

Peaceful Hume Lake.

Thankfully I had swimsuits in the car so the girls could hop in the lake to cool off before we headed home.

We snapped a couple of pics of Kings Canyon on the way out.

We had a wonderful family day!

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