Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taco Tuesdays!

I have never made fish tacos before, but saw these in Everyday Food and wanted to try them. They are SUPER healthy! Ingredients: corn tortillas, white fish (I used tilapia), cilantro, lime, red onion, red cabbage. Chop up your veggies. I like my cabbage pretty finely chopped.
This was enough fish to make 4 tacos. 3 thin filets of tilapia. Put it on parchment paper (for easier clean up), sprinkle with a bit of kosher salt and fresh pepper. Put a tiny dab of butter on top of each piece. Bake at 400 degrees until flaky, about 15 minutes.

Warm up your tortillas on the flame of your gas burners. Yes, I realize most people know to do this, but since I know my Ohio friends read this too, I'm throwing it out there. East coast people don't know to toast their tortillas, at least I never heard of it when I lived there. My mom never made any mexican food so I don't even think I ever tasted a tortilla till I moved to California! How crazy is that?! Oh wait, taco bell...but that doesn't really count. =)

Now you can flake up your fish into big chunks and assemble your tacos however you like! Squeeze on a lime wedge and you're good to go!

My hubby chose some mango peach chipotle salsa that I bought him at Crate & Barrel when I was in LA. The hubs LOVES mango salsa so I like to pick him up some whenever I spot it at a specialty store.

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