Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Classroom additions

Here is yet another chalkboard project that I quickly made. I needed something to hold paper clips and binder clips on my table.I saw this small white pot on clearance at Target and thought it would be perfect.I used some scrap pieces of vinyl (or you could use tape) to mark off the area you want to paint.
This is the paint I used, from JoAnns.
Here is the finished product.

I saw this flower idea on a blog post about back to school and got these letters for $1 at Wal Mart.
These are the binders I made for the girls, we are so excited to get started!

Inside I divided them by weekdays and put the work we'll need for that day in that pocket. It warmed my heart when I opened Emma's materials and her first book was "Caps for Sale". Emma's kinder teacher read this to them last year on a day I was volunteering. Emma was excited too because she remembered the book.

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