Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chalkboard from junk...

I saw a really cute post yesterday, click on the link to see what inspired me! Last night I went to Rescued Treasures...shock! I found this oval frame with an ugly picture in it for $3.00. I wish it would have been cheaper but oh well.I didn't notice it was cracked until I got it home and was taking out the picture. So I super glued it and lived with it.

I picked up some ivory spray paint and a jar of chalkboard paint. This little plaque was $0.59 at JoAnns. Yes I am shameless and sent my husband through the line separately so that we could both use a coupon on the paints.

I spraypainted the frame and the plaque, although not fast enough apparently because when I got up this morning, Cami had already taken the plaque (or mirror as she called it) and was coloring on it with markers. Plan B- the spraypaint wouldn't stick to where she colored with markers so I will be making another JoAnns trip and adding it later. I painted 3 coats of chalkboard paint on a THICK piece of cardboard I cut with a craft knife.

I put the new board in the frame and closed the staples. Later I will add the plaque, painted in the same ivory to the top area of chalkboard. I will probably glue on something cut out from my cricut as well...we'll see.

It looks better in person than in the picture. The lighting in the picture brings out the texture of the board too much. But I love it!

UPDATE! I added this pic of the final product! I painted a new plaque this afternoon and cut out a cute bird from my cricut vinyl. I am in love with how this turned out!

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