Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's joys..

Today's blog will be a little bit different from the norm. We have had a wonderful day, here at the Baeza Ranch. ;) This morning I got up and threw my crossaints in the oven (I prepped them yesterday and stored them in the fridge overnight), hid the last bit of toys or junk that is always strewn all over the house, showered and got ready for our visitor! After the crossaints were done, I put the quiche in the oven (took from help from Costco on that one!). Last night I had cut up strawberries, cantaloupe, and nectarines. The girls helped me set a cute table and then we waited for our guest to arrive! The girls were so excited that they got up at 6:30am and before they even walked into our bedroom, had gone to the bathroom, dressed, and brushed their teeth! This coming from a 6 year old that begs to stay in her pajamas all day means she was REALLY excited! =) Emma's kinder teacher from last year arrived and the chatterboxes began! Emma and Cami would hardly let us finish our sentences because they had to much to say to her! We shared a wonderful breakfast, then showed her our schoolroom. Cami read some words to her from our "Pop for sight words" game and then we went outside and showed her our new addition...the nine puppies! We had an absolutely joyful morning!

After a few minutes of Sesame Street, I loaded up the kids to go pay for my John Mayer concert ticket!!! Woo hoo!! I am SO excited about taking a day trip to Hollywood with Dana to go to the concert!

After lunch, reading a story, and putting the girls down for their naps, I went and sat on the patio and gave Lady some tlc. She deserves all the petting and love in the world after giving birth nine times last night! Whew! I sat in a chair next to the box and tried to pick up a sleeping puppy to see how she would react. She sat up and wouldn't lay down and relax even though she was nursing at the time. I held it in my hand over the box and talked softly to her. After several minutes, she laid down and closed her eyes. I have to say there is nothing more peaceful than holding a 1 day old puppy in the palm of your hand while it is snuggled up and sleeping. What a wonderful day filled with peace!

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