Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One tired mouse

I have been a little slow on the blog lately, partly because I cannot fathom baking something else until what we have is gone: blueberry muffins, half of the strawberry tart, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and angel food cake. WHY in the world did we end up with all of this at once?! Not everyone eats everything, that's why. And I went to the store hungry on Monday. The other two reasons I have been slow lately are: my good camera is being repaired and I hate my old one, and everything I have been crafting is for the bridal shower I'm hosting and I am waiting to show it all in one blog after the shower. SO... here is my tiny contribution to the blog world until I make the trip to the store to get paint to paint the amazing $10 table I scored at Rescued Treasures...Cami was in rare form last night. I went to the store with my mother in law and when we got home she had been screaming for half an hour. Granted, she had refused to fall asleep at naptime today and had scratched her leg somehow and said she couldn't walk. Grumpy, party of 1. (well party of 2 if you count daddy who had listened to her scream for that half hour) Yesterday morning we had to go to JoAnns..shocking, I know...and when we were in line she spotted this cute little facemask and asked to get it like her aunt wears. Last night after carrying her straight to bed as soon as possible, she quickly fell asleep. A little while later while taking Emma back to bed, Brandon told me I had to come see her sleeping and took this picture. She is asleep here, and when you see something like this you can't help but laugh off the grumpies and hope for a happier day tomorrow!

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