Monday, August 23, 2010

A Hollywood adventure!

Yesterday I went on an adventure with my friend Dana. We drove to LA to go to a John Mayer concert, and here are some pictures of our day! Our day began as every day The Cheesecake Factory! Haha. We went to The Grove when we got to LA, ate and did some shopping! I love me some Crate & Barrel! After that, we went on the looong journey (a few miles down the road!) to find the correct parking lot that we wanted to park at for the shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl. It was not easy, lots of asking questions at many different places, but we finally found it, so now we know! I think we went on 30 escalators yesterday.
We got on our shuttle bus and it was HOT and stinky and there was no air moving at all. I will forever love the funky faces Dana posed for as we were waiting for them to turn on the bus! The other one came out blurry, but this face says it all. =)

Here we are in our seats! The 75 cent cushion rentals were a good call!

I really loved the Hollywood Bowl (with the exception of GETTING there!). I liked the set up, I don't think you could have a bad seat honestly. The Hollywood sign is right above the stage too!

This was one of the mountains to the left of the sign and I saw two people standing on the top...there must be a trail up there. I told Dana if Brandon was here, he would be watching for deer, haha.
There was a band called Owl City that the "young people" (ha! I'm only 28!) seemed to know and like. Dana and I were too busy spotting all of the ridiculous puns in their lyrics. They did end up having one song I knew at the end.

Here is, as he said, "John Mayer, opening for John Mayer". We didn't know what he meant, but he explained he flew this piano player out from New York just to play these four songs with him. The first three were different versions of his songs, and the last one was Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. I LOVED his version of the song! Click on the link if you wanna see the video I took of it!

They took a short break and re-set the stage without the piano.

I don't think I will ever enjoy a musician live as much as I do him. I have said it for the past six years, and I'll say it again...GO SEE HIM LIVE! He must have been born with a guitar in his hands, because that boy knocks my socks off everytime! The past two concerts, I saw him in Fresno, but I enjoyed this one even more because of the venue I think he could do more. He is always doing something different and out of the box. I loved his cds, but live he can take liberties that you just don't have time to do with every song when it's recorded.

We walked down the ramp to the left of the stage on his last song so that we could beat the crowds and get our t-shirts. We were plotting the whole time we were sitting down how, if, when we could get them! It worked out too, because by going down that side, after he was done playing we were able to skip most of the crowd that goes down the other side on the people movers.

The shirt doesn't WAS a long night in Los Angeles! We got home at 2:30 am!

Here's Dana in her shirt! =) Love the pose!

The shuttle dropped us off right in front of the Kodak Theatre, at Hollywood & Highland.
A short block away was Mann's Chinese Theatre.

Earlier in the day, when we were searching for our parking garage, we saw people huddled on the sidewalk. We wondered if it was MJ, and we were right.

This psycho fan had made this posterboard with pics cut out of HER and MJ....even pasted in a locket. Hmm....
I snapped a bunch of pics of the star's signatures and prints in the entryway of the Chinese Theatre... here are just a few...George Lucas (above)

Steven Spielberg.
These next few were all in a row and had the same date, so it must have been for Ocean's Eleven.....sigh... Matt Damon
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Here is my favorite actress...Meryl Streep

You would be amazed at how TINY the feet of some of the really older prints were! Ava Gardner, etc. They look like little munchkin high heels stepped on the cement!
I had a wonderful adventure, with an even more wonderful friend!

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  1. Seriously, this was so fun!!! I'm so glad we did it!! Your pictures are AWESOME of the stage. It was gold, Jerry. Gold!